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    L&A WenGe Space Design Consultants Ltd,. is headpuartered in Shenzhen(the “Design Capital”) with branch company in Shanghai. Adapt to market demand, the size of the company widen again in 2010. It set up a filial in the international metropolis – shanghai which is known as the “Paris of the East”. The filial is located in the unique charming Bridge 8 fashion and creative industries. It next to many famous design firms, such as SOM architectural design consulting firm, BH Architects Office, Italian Fashion Design Co., Ltd and so on. So there is a strong design atmosphere.

    L&A Wenge space Design consultants Ltd is a professional design firms with international vision and first-class rating in Asia-Pacific. We focus on creative boutique. We care about quality but not quantity. Our mission is to fight all the design projects with unique and high quality design work. We focus on the boutique hotel, catering, entertainment, clubs and other high-end commercial space design. We win international awards over the years. Our design team won British Andrew Martin Design Award in 2010; Best Hotel Design in the world, Hotel& Lodge Magazine in 2009;  U.S. Hospitality Design Awards hotel room design contest award  the highest honor winner in 2009; the U.S. INTERIOR DESIGN "Top 10 Chinese commercial design business." In 2009; Architectural Society of China "China's interior design for 20 years (1989-2009) 20 strong design team," the honorary title.

    Our company will provide high standards of treatment and welfare. We adhere to the "good employees are the company's future partner" and "according to performance reward" concept. And Committed to let outstanding employees have the highest quality life among the same age.

    If you are stylish, talented and have a strong enthusiasm for high-end accruals , and are looking for a display of your talent and experience opportunities ,  We welcome you to join our dynamic and world-class design team.

    We provide long-term career prospects and competitive salary. Including comprehensive social insurance, get you registered permanent residence in Shenzhen, give you the national holiday, corporate travel, and so on. Please send your applicant letter, resume, works, and complete pictures, available time and expected salary to our e-mail sz26666289@126.com. We will call you, if you are the right people. Please do not visit!


    • Interior Designer Assistant
    • Renderings produced Draughtsman
    • Water Designer, Heating & ventilation Designers, Plumbing Designer
    • Interior designer(Assistant of the project design director)
    • Jewelry designer furnishings designer
    • Construction drawing plotter
    • Construction Technical Director(Chief Engineer)
    • Business Assistant
    • Customer Service
    • Graphic Designer
    • Senior Designer(Project Design Director)
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